The following collection of Lasernews starting with the first in September 1974 through to the last in 2007 gives a superb account of the history of the class in Australia and especially in the NSW/ACT District.  Read more



 Some content, especially results

May-74  1st ILCA international newsletter
Sep-74  1st NSW/ACT Newsletter, RPAYC selections for 1st Worlds, 96 entries. ALA formed
May-75  1,000 boats sold in Oz, 1st Nats Holdfast Bay, 76 entries, 1st South Pacifics, Mooloolaba
Feb-76  76 Botany Bay States
May-76  Lake Taupo Pacifics, Black Rock Nats, Travellers Trophy
Sep-76  Kiel 1976 Worlds – full results
Oct-76  Sydney Harbour Champs, Travellers Trophy
Jan-77  Gate starts, Zone Champs, Travellers Trophy
Feb-77  Botany Bay States
May-77  National Womens, Devonport Nationals, Zone Champs
Jul-77  Port Moresby Sth Pacifics, Hayling Is Women’s Worlds, 4th Frostbite
Sep-77  Noumea Sth Pacifics, 3rd Metros
Nov-77  Travellers Trophy, Brazil Worlds
Nov-77  Brazil Worlds – Final Official Report and full results
Feb-78  Northern Champs, Travellers Trophy, Teralba States (97 entries), RQ Nats
Aug-78  78 Port Stephens Pacifics
Sep-78  World Womens by Lyndall Coxon
Nov-78  Perth Nationals build up
Dec-78  Cronulla States, Warwick’s Psychology of Winning
Feb-79  BP Perth Nationals and Worlds
Apr-79  Yorky’s write up of Nationals and Worlds
Jun-79  Reports and bitches
Sep-79  WSC Sydney Metros (80 entires), Jeff Martin on Worlds fleet size
Nov-79  Bit more bitching
Dec-79  Extensive notes on BP worlds funding debacle
Mar-80  1980 Gosford States and Port Lincoln Nats results
Jun-80  Regattas AGMs and NZ news
Nov-80  NoR RPA Nats, Oak Flats Stats
Mar-81  Al Clark on 2nd World Masters, Beasho interview pt 1, Yorkys Slalom
Sep-81  Beasho interview cont’d, compasses, Tems racing, Metros
Dec-81  Balmoral Teams racing & Yorky’s Laser Slalom
Mar-82  Some great stories and letters (incl Tim Alexander)
May-82  Sardinia World Masters
Aug-82  Yorky’s Laser Lines, $15 annual fee
Oct-82  Yorky’s Laser Lines, Ten Commandments of racing
Nov-82  Radial history
Jan-83  Teralba states, 132 entries. Yorky on heavy weather
Apr-83  Hobart Nats, Port Stephens Pacifics, NZ Nats
Jun-83  ”Cruisers” explained,
Aug-83  Gate starts, Radial Rig intro, Ladies article
Oct-83  Undated
Feb-84  Harvey Bay Qld Nats, Gulfport World Masters, Terrigal States, photos
Jul-84  First Nat Masters at Long Jetty, Teams Racing
Nov-84  Balmoral Centreboard Classic,  Sep 84 ALA Newsletter
Dec-84  Glenn Bourke interview, 84 World Masters
Feb-85  The famous Teralba states, 178 entries
May-85  Busselton WA Nats report, Yorky’s Tee Shirt Etiquette
Jul-85  Letter from Jeff Martin
Aug-85  Light air sailing, Committee profiles, Training Day, Reports, Jeff’s tips
Oct-85  Start tips, Balmoral Classic, Coasts, Nev and Larry on colours
Dec-85  Woollahra Metros, great photos, starting techniques
Mar-86  WSC State Masters, Long Jetty States, 151 entries, a protest!
Jun-86  Women’s Nationals, Yorky on 12m and slalom
Aug-86  Fitness, Long Jetty Brass Monkey, sailcloth history
Oct-86  Measuring, Learning to Sail, Belmont Coasts 84 entries, Youth Worlds
Dec-86  WSC Masters States
Apr-87  Laser Ladies in Nth America, MHASC Metros, Vic World Masters
Aug-87  Seven members in the Americas Cup
Oct-87  GRSC Youth Worlds selection, Belmont Coasts
Dec-87  Botany Bay Metros, Long Jetty States
Feb-88  Tasmania Aust Masters, Belmont Nats, Women’s , DBSC Teams
Apr-88  Lake Taupo Pacifics, VYC Bicentenary Regatta, WSC Masters States
Aug-88  Brass Monkey,
Oct-88  Falmouth Worlds and various Euro Nationals, Belmont Coasts
Dec-88  MHASC Metros, Lake Illawarra States, Laser Lurks
Feb-89  Mooloolaba Nats, GRSC Masters and Women, Lurks, Slalom
Sep-89  Brass Monkey, Denmark World Masters, Radial & Women Worlds
Nov-89  Belmont Coasts, Riggie on World Masters, Bourkey on 2nd Worlds win
Feb-90  WSC Metros, Perth Nationals, Laser 4.7 intro, Gosford States
Apr-90  Glenn Bourke interview, WSC State Masters/Women’s
Aug-90  Juniors, Brass Monkey
Oct-90  Belmont Coasts incl 5 Radials!  Newport RI Worlds, Fitness
Dec-90  Radial intro, Juniors, RSYS Metros
Apr-91  Port Stephens States, Port Lincoln Nats, Gosford Masters States
Jul-91  Brass Monkey,
Oct-91  Lots of NoRs and club news
Dec-91  Freddy on Greece Masters Worlds, Jaquie on Europe, Belmont Coasts
Feb-92  Belmont Nats, 24hr race, Sorrento Womens Nats, L Illawarra States
Jul-92  Late entry fees gone! Brass Monkey,
Mar-93  S’pore Asia Pacific Radials, VYC Masters States, States (165 Std, 76 Rad)
Jun-93  S’pore Asia Pacific, Auckland Worlds & Masters Worlds, Sail Sydney
Nov-93  RSYS Metros and Belmont Coasts, Youth selection
May-94  Adam B on the Worlds, Coast & RSYS Metro results, RPA WSC States
Aug-94  Faddy tribute, Brass Monkey, Olympic discussion
Oct-94  Tokyo Worlds and Masters, Greece Youths, IYRU Worlds, SIRS, Belmont Coasts
Nov-94  Gosford Masters SIs
Dec-94  Gosford Masters States, Radial setup tips, youth news
Feb-95  Sail Melbourne, RQYS Nats
Apr-95  Illawarra States, Yarra Bay Radial States, Guam Asia Pacifics
Jun-95  MH Teams racing, Sail Sydney
Aug-95  Tenerife Masters Worlds, Yorky on current (also in Apr-96)
Nov-95  Michael Blackburn’s tips, Preparing for Perth Nats, Coasts
Apr-96  Perth Nationals,  PT Stephens States, Manly Metros
Jun-96  ILCA Circular 84, Cape Town Worlds, Brass Monkey
Sep-96  IlCA gets web page! Youth coaching w/e, IYRU Youths, Savannah
Dec-96  MH Masters, Michael on eating, Tuggerah Coasts,
Mar-97  Manly Metros, GRSC States, Largs Bay Nats, Michael in Rio
Jun-97  Teams Racing, hiking pants ruling. Ed Adams, Nev Wittey tips
Sep-97  Youth training, Winter in Paradise, Psych of Winning, Youth Worlds
Dec-97  Website launched, SIRS, Scheidt, Illawarra Coasts, Starting, Chile Worlds
Mar-98  Yarra Bay Metros, Wangi States , NZ results, 24hr race, Fitness
Jun-98  Teams Racing, Sail Sydney, ISAF Worlds, Tuning tips
Sep-98  WIP, Olympics history,
Dec-98  Youth Nats, Pre-Olympic regattas, Tips, Wallis Lake Masters, SLMSC Coasts
Mar-99  Gosford States, GRSC Nats, Woollahra Metros
Jun-99  Pattaya Asia Pacifics, Aust Youth Champs, Sail Sydney, Vic Worlds, Teams
Sep-99  Brendan in Europe, O’seas reports, Brass Monkey, Arafura Games, tips
Dec-99  Big River, Pre-Olympics, Wangi Coasts, Pt Stephens Masters
Mar-00  HHSC Metros, Blackers, SIR, Mooloolaba Nats, Belmont States
Jun-00  Cancun Worlds, Scheidt Interview, Blackers, Sail Sydney
Sep-00  Blackers Olympic update, Brass Monkey, WIP Regatta, Brendan interviews
Dec-00  Olympics, GLSC Coasts, Yorky’s Tee shirt Etiquette reprint
Mar-01  GRSC States, RYCT Nats, Belmont Masters States, RSYS Metros
Jun-01  Heaps of good stuff incl tips
Sep-01  ISAF Youth Worlds, Cork Worlds and Masters, WIP Regatta, SI changes
Dec-01  Safety, Arafura Games, Cork reports, Illawarra Coasts, Gosford Masters
Mar-02  WSC Metros, PSSAC States,
Jun-02  Belmont Womens Training, Pattaya Asia Pacifics, HHSC Teams
Sep-02  WIP Regatta, Hyeres Worlds and Masters
Dec-02  Toronto Coasts, SLMSC State Masters,
Mar-03  Largs Bay Nats, Illawarra States
Jun-03  WSC Metros, Darwin Asia Pacifics, Michael’s Olympic update
Oct-03  Michael’s update, Cadiz Masters Worlds,
Jan-04  Wallis Lake Coasts, 4.7 Interclub, Geelong Nationals, Munmorah State Masters
Jun-04  BYRA Metros, Bitez Worlds & Masters
Oct-04  Belmont Coasts, Brass Monkey, WIP results, Michael’s last report,
Jan-05  Wallis Lake Masters, Belmont Nationals
Jun-05  GRSC Metros, PSSAC States, 4.7 Interclub, Yorky on current, again!
Oct-05  Paul’s last Lasernews, Fortaleza Masters, Teralba Coasts, Wangi Masters
Jul-07  Last newsletter, 2006 Youth Worlds, lots of club news