Laser Events 2018/19 Season

Laser Events List – Season 2018/19
NSW & ACT Events
Event Run By Host Club Dates NoR
Coast Championships NSW/ACT LA Vaucluse Yacht Club 27-28  October 2018
State Championships NSW/ACT LA Canberra Yacht Club 24-25 November 2018
State Masters Championships NSW/ACT LA South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club 2-3 March 2019
Metropolitan Championships NSW/ACT LA Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 16-17 March 2019
National Events
Sail Sydney Olympic Classes (Std and Radial) AS Woollahra Sailing Club 4-7 December 2018
Sail Sydney Invited Classes (4.7) AS Woollahra Sailing Club 7-9 December 2018
Sail Melbourne International AS Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Vic 12-16 December 2018
Sail Brisbane AS RQYS, Manly, Queensland 28 November to 2 December 2018
Australian National & Oceania Championships OLCA/ALCA Mersey Yacht Club Devonport, Tas 1-8 January 2019 (1st Race 3 Jan) NoR
Australian Youth National Championships AS Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Hobart, Tas 10-14 January 2019 (1st Race 11 Jan)
Regional Events
South Pacific Laser Masters QLA RQYS, Manly, Queensland 13-16 July 2018 NoR
Oceania Fiji Laser Masters Standard OLCA Dunarau Island, Fiji 13-19 October 2018 NoR
Oceania Fiji Laser Masters Radial OLCA Dunarau Island, Fiji 20-26 October 2018 NoR
World Championship Events
2018 Laser Radial Men’s World Championship ILCA Kiel, Germany 18-14 June 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Under-21 World Championships ILCA Gdynia, Poland 1-8 July 2018 NoR
2018 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships ILCA Gdynia, Poland 9-17 July 2018 NoR
2018 Sailing World Championships * WS Aarhus, Denmark 30 July – 12 August 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Radial Youth World Championships ILCA Kiel, Germany 18-25 August 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Masters World Championships ILCA Dun Laoghaire, Ireland 7-15 September 2018 NoR
* The 2018 Laser Standard Men’s World Championship and Laser Radial Women’s World Championship will be part of the Sailing World Championships.
* These World Championships will also serve as a qualification regatta for the 2020 Olympic Games.