Yorkie’s Guide to T-shirt Etiquette

Vendee Globe T ShirtThis is a must read for all Laser sailors younger than 50 or new to the class.


“If you have not already become aware of it there is an art to wearing the right clothing at a sailing regatta.  I am not talking about your Brian Rockford tracksuit or your Polo shirt (Lacoste is old hat) but your humble T-shirt. You can tell everything about the sailor by the T-shirt he wears.”


These are the opening words of Laser legend Andrew York’s seminal light-hearted 1985 article ”T-shirt etiquette” which set the standard for regattas for the last 40 plus years.  Click here to read the full article.  You’ll never feel embarrassed again.


Click here to access the full archive of Lasernews containing other priceless information by legends of the class.


Photo right – A seriously impressive T-shirt by Yorkie’s rules.

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