Can I Exercise on my Laser?

To relieve the tedium of life indoors most Laser sailors are getting out for regular exercise which is both conditionally allowed and encouraged under current Government regulations.


The NSW Government Office of Sport says on their web site HERE that during the COVID-19 pandemic “Where possible, it is important sporting clubs and organisations continue to allow people to exercise, so long as social distancing is practised and rules around public gatherings of no more than two people are complied with.”


As we know sailing your Laser gives you a pretty good work out on most days and a few sailors have asked can sailing a boat be counted as exercise under the new order of things. Well the answer is yes with some sensible restrictions.


Transport for NSW (ex Roads and Maritime Services ex NSW Maritime) further elaborates on their web site HERE.

“From 31 March 2020 NSW Government Public health directions have been updated requiring people to stay at home unless they have a ‘reasonable excuse’.

You should only be on your boat alone, or with no more than one other person; or with family who ordinarily live in the same household as you.

A ‘reasonable excuse’ to use your boat could be to exercise (e.g. kayaking/sailing/paddling etc) or fish.”


It is not a Government regulation however a group of boats sailing together is highly visible so best to sail in ones or twos. If we are seen to be doing the right thing then hopefully no one will be prompted to change the rules.


We can’t find any specific references to sailing as exercise in the ACT however the ACT government has said exercise away from home was allowed in groups of no more than two and providing the strict 1.5 metre, social-distancing rules were kept. A spokesperson said “People are allowed to travel for essential reasons, including to exercise,”


Stay safe.

Sailing alone - good exercise - photo by Jon West

Sailing alone – good exercise – photo by Jon West

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