New Laser Builder Arrangements

ILCA_New_Logo_SIn November 2018, World Sailing approved its Olympic Equipment Strategy, which requires that any interested party who meets the necessary technical qualifications must be allowed to manufacture and sell Olympic equipment.


In a process starting in September 2019 ILCA has selected 18 potential new builders (five from Europe, five from Asia, four from North America, three from South America and one from Oceania). In addition in December 2019 ILCA offered UK based builder Laser Performance an agreement allowing them if they choose to be re-instated as a builder.


Because the Laser trademark is held by other parties the boats and equipment from the new builders will be ILCA trade marked.


The builders won’t have designated territories so any builder can sell to anyone in the World if they choose. This open market should put downward pressure on price and eradicate pockets of Laser supply drought.


There is more information on this change and the new builder selection process on the ILCA web site HERE

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