World Masters 2016 in Mexico Entries Open

VallartaYC_LogoThe ILCA has begun accepting applications to compete at the 2016 Laser Masters World Championships in Mexico.

For information about the Championships and to fill out an application, please Click the ILCA events page here.

The selection policy for the Masters Worlds for Australia is set out on the ALCA web site here.

So far everyone who wants to participate in World Masters has been accommodated however late applicants are may not know for sure until January. So, as always, it is best to apply early.

The Venue: The 2016 Laser Masters World Championships will take place on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on the waters of Banderas Bay.  Sailing will be less than one kilometer off the beaches and will be based out of the Vallarta Yacht Club (VYC). VYC offers a full bar and dining facilities as well as a hot tub, bathrooms, shower and locker rooms and a private swimming pool.

Accommodations: Paradise Village Beach Resort and Spa in Nuevo Vallarta.
Paradise Village occupies a 12-acre private peninsula amidst a 440-acre beachfront community with a world-class marina, a European-style spa, a conference center, a tropical gardens, championship golf and beautiful white-sand beaches.

The World Masters is being run next year as two events. Radial Rig from 22nd April until 30 April 2016 and Standard Rig from 20th May until 28th May 2016. This is because there are limits to the number of charter boats that can be made available, a combined Standard and Radial Masters would mean that ILCA could accommodate only half as many sailors as if they are sailed as separate events. ILCA goal is to give as many sailors as possible an opportunity to compete on the water and enjoy the venue. ILCA say that you may submit applications for both events and that if there is space available you may compete at both.

Why are the two Masters Championships not scheduled back to back? ILCA needed to schedule the Olympic class World Championships around various ISAF events. The host also has scheduling issues that needed to be addressed, and this was the best schedule that could accommodate all the needs and constraints in place.

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