New Radial Cut Standard Laser Sail Launched

Laser_Mark_2_Std_Sail_2_SLaser_Mark_2_Std_Sail_SThe ILCA has just issued a press release on the new radial cut Mark II Standard rig sail. The sail features a wide screen window.

The press release is here.

What they are saying is;

Nearly 10 years in the making, the new sail has a bi-radial construction and is made from slightly heavier (4.5Oz) Dacron cloth that better reorients the stress loads along the cloth, giving it a much better flying shape overall.  

Those that have tested the sail during the development phase have been quoted: “When you see the sail out sailing, all the distortions that you see in the current Laser sail are gone, there is no flutter in the leech and it looks like a really beautiful sail for the boat.”

The class legal sails according to the ILCA press release will be available from 1st November. Sailors would be able to use them as soon as they are available except for Olympic competition and selection for Rio 2016.  This means they are class legal and available for all NSW/ACT Laser events after the Coasts at Port Kembla and for the National Open and Masters Events this season.

The new sail is nominally available from 1st November 2015. NB Sailsports have pre-order here and PSA have an option to pre-order on their web site here.

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