World Masters Hyères Information

Additional 50 places for World Masters

ILCA has announced that 50 more entry places have opened up for the 2014 Laser Masters’ World Championships. Any sailor who meets the age criteria (born before 3 October 1979) can apply. These places are expected to fill quickly and the deadline for receiving entry applications is 12 September 2014 at 23:59 USA Central Daylight Time.

ILCA advises that anyone planning to apply for these additional positions is not guaranteed being offered an ILCA boat charter. At present ILCA is organising additional charter boats for sailors who have already been offered places in the event. There are however other providers who are offering charters for the event.

The links below will take you to the application and provide more information about this championship, including the Notice of Race and the country entry allocations.

Laser Masters Elite Regatta

Shortly before the 2014 Laser Masters’ World Championships, COYCH is hosting a “Laser Masters Elite” Regatta. 

This is a two day event, with races scheduled on 27-28 September, 2014.

There is a Notice of Race posted on the event website:

Click Here for the Master Laser Elite Regatta

Click Here for the NOR

This would be a great opportunity to tune-up for the Masters Worlds.

Third Party Insurance

Rob Lowndes has been delving into 3rd party insurance for the Hyères World Masters.

The NoR requires minimum of  US$300,000 third party liability cover.  YA’s insurance broker, Bob Masterman offers $10m cover for $230 with $500 excess.

Rob reports that Laser sailors who insure with Club Marine can get an extension to their policy to cover up to $500,000 public liability with $1,000 excess.  The amount they charge will depend on the type of policy you already have and may be around $150.

Rob is in discussion with Bob Masterman for a price on a lower liability policy, matching the NoR requirement, with a lower premium. We will keep you informed on progress.

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