Proposal for a Separate Start for Women in the Radial Nationals

Chris Caldecoat General Manager of Performance Sailcraft has submitted the following proposal aimed at improving participation by women in the Laser Nationals.

If you have an opinion on this suggestion then please feel free to email me at or give Chris a call at PSA on 02 4389 1088.

“I would like to put a motion forward for the next AGM that the class have a separate start for Women in the Laser Radial Division.

Back Ground.

Since the ISAF Radial Youth spot was stepped back from the Standard rig to the Radial for the boy’s we have scene the Radial Fleet depth increase to the point that the depth has caused a follow on effect with younger boy’s staying in the 4.7 longer due to the strong competition experienced in the Radial Class.

This Male depth now in both classes really has made it a discouraging environment for participation for young girls getting into the Laser Class, the boat being to large and now coupled with disheartening competition, the girls have no chance of getting of a line competitively against the spread of males, there race is over in minutes.

Reason for proposal

If we gave the Radial Women their own start we would see I believe allot more girls target the class as there preferred pathway. The last two Sail Melbourne Events we have had good numbers of Australian Girls entering the Radial class, this does not get reciprocated in the National event.

I propose if we had a separate start for the Women in the Radial we would see the fleet fill solidly over coming years. The depth of skill might not be up there with the tops girls straight away, however having a open race corse to chase downy the top goals means that will very quickly catch up.

Can you please include this proposal.


Chris Caldecoat”

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