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Marlena Berzins Takes the Radial Crown at Sail Sydney


Sail Sydney for the Olympic classes concluded on Thursday 14 December. Sailed from Woollahra Sailing Club the regatta saw good sailing conditions.

Congratulations to Marlena Berzins for her win in the classy Radial Fleet. After a win at Sail Melbourne two weeks ago Tom Burton only managed a 5th in the Standard Rigs after one black and one U flag. NSW & ACT State Champion Finn Alexander was 8th in the strong local and international Laser Standard fleet.

In a closely fought series RSYS sailor Jack Ferguson won Sail Sydney in the 4.7′s. Jack was just two points ahead of Boston Cortis with Ryan Littlechild third.

Sail Sydney results are HERE.

A short video highlights clip is HERE.

Laser Rules Changes

ILCA_New_LogoIn 2017 there were four rule change proposals put forward before the International Laser Class Association membership for vote. All four changes were approved by more than two-thirds of voting members in addition to being approved by the ILCA World Council, the Advisory Council and World Sailing, all of which are required in order to modify class rules.

The four rules will apply from 1 January 2018 are:

1 Electronic Compasses
Rule 22 was changed to allow the use of certain electronic digital compasses that are not GPS Enabled. ILCA will maintain a list of approved compasses on the ILCA website as an interpretation to the Class Rules.

Click here to see electronic compasses approved for use after 1 January 2018 

2 On-board Cameras
A new Rule 28 was added to allow the use of cameras while racing.

3 Shock cord inhaul attachment
Rule 3(v)vi was amended to read “A shock cord may be used as an inhaul on the clew.” This change removes the restriction on where the shock cord can be attached in the inhaul system.

4 Cleat in Hiking Strap Control Line
Rule 17(c) was changed to allow the use of one cleat and one turning point in the hiking strap support line. The cleat and turning point must be “free floating” and may not be attached to the hull or the hiking strap.

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